Margarita Machine Leases

      Interested in adding a frozen margarita machine to your menu? Well you've come to the right place!  Don't buy, when you can lease a commercial quality frozen margarita machine for your business. Alleviate yourself from the headaches of ownership and let Miss Tequila Margarita Machine Rentals take care of it for you.

Benefits of leasing over ownership.

  • No huge upfront purchase price when leasing. Low cost, first month lease payment is all that is needed to get a frozen margarita machine on your counter.
  • No setup needed when leasing. When we deliver your leased margarita machine, we bring it ready for service. There is no learning curve or lenghty manuals to read. We set it up and walk you through how to properly use and clean the machine. Start making money instantly!
  • No costly maintenance and repairs when leasing. We schedule routine inspections and perform preventative maintenance as needed.
  • Zero down time when leasing. In the event your frozen margarita machine breaks down, we would simply come to you as soon as possible to swap out the machines. No need to call out a service company and wait for them to troubleshoot and repair the machine, while your customers are waiting.
  • No long term commitment when leasing. We offer month-to-month lease options. At anytime at the end of the lease term you decide that you no longer want to lease a machine, just let us know and will pick the machine up.

Leasing Options:
Miss Tequila Margarita Machine Rentals offers three attractive leasing options to fit any budget.

  1. Simple terms, no contract, month-to-month lease option. Best option if your interested in testing the market with the option to cancel at anytime.
  2. 6 months contract lease. Simple terms, qualifies for discounted rates.
  3. 12 month contract lease. Simple terms , qualifies for best discounted rates.